Month: August 2021

E013 – My Kids Will Never…

E013 – My Kids Will Never… – Be honest. Before you had kids, you said “My kids will never ___”.

We were the “perfect parents” before we were actually parents.

We were full of hopes and dreams of the picture-perfect family. Saturday mornings spent

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E012 – Disciplining Through Anxiety

E012 – Disciplining Through Anxiety – “It’s just five minutes. That’s it. But it feels like five years”.

Learning how best to discipline your child can be tricky. But what happens when your anxiety is also trying to convince you that you’re a bad mom f

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E011 – The Comparison Game

E011 – The Comparison Game – So, you’re casually scrolling through the gram while making macaroni and cheese for the fourth time this week, and you see a post from Susan. She’s posting her kid’s lunch. Homegrown, organic veggies cut up into stars and arra

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E010 – Parenting Through Depression

E010 – Parenting Through Depression – So, depression sucks. You’re feeling “the feels”, not wanting to even get out of bed or put on real clothes. But add parenting to that and you’ve got a recipe for pure exhaustion and major mom guilt.

This episode i

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E009 – And Then There Were Two

E009 – And Then There Were Two – Going from one to two kids is like turning on a blender and making a smoothie. But you don’t have the lid.

In all honesty, there definitely is a learning curve when it comes to having more than one child.

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E008 – The Working Mama: A Balancing Act

E008 – The Working Mama: A Balancing Act – Working moms, listen up! This episode is just for you!

How can a girl do it all?

Take care of the tiny humans, get everyone to daycare and school on time, be a star employee, enjoy a little self-care, and

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E007 – Lilly’s Open-Heart Surgery

E007 – Lilly’s Open-Heart Surgery – “Nothing prepares you for seeing your baby in the ICU”

At just 3 months old, Lisa’s daughter, Lillian, underwent open-heart surgery to fix a Ventricular Septal Defect and an Aorta Coarctation.

Be sure to tune in t

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E006 – Talking to Loved Ones about Our Mental Health

E006 – Talking to Loved Ones about Our Mental Health – Coming to terms with our own mental health is a struggle but, what about our significant others? How can we explain what’s going on in our heads when we sometimes don’t understand it ourselves?

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E005 – Mom Guilt vs. Childcare

E005 – Mom Guilt vs. Childcare – Raise your hand if you’ve dealt with mom guilt when asking for help with childcare!

Check out this week’s episode to hear from three different moms (one a former childcare worker) as they navigate the sea of nannies, d

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E004 – Miscarriage and Life After Loss

E004 – Miscarriage and Life After Loss – On this week’s episode, we will hear from Brittany as she talks about loss and life after loss.

Trigger warning for anyone out there who has experienced miscarriage; this episode may be hard to listen to.


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