Month: April 2022

E061 – Mom, What’s for Dinner?

This week on Imperfect, we’re talking food. And, why is it that mom is constantly asked “What’s for dinner”? or “I want a snack”. It can be annoying, but comes with the territory. We’ve got some tips for dealing with the frustration this week on Imperfect

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E060 – Talking About Encanto

This week on Imperfect, Lisa is talking about everybody’s favorite movie, Encanto. She may even talk about Bruno!

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E059 – Easter Fun & Spring Cleaning

On this week’s episode of Imperfect, we’re having some fun with Easter. Plus, spring is a time for rejuvenation, for fresh starts. So, the ladies are talking about spring cleaning. And we’ll have some laughs, so enjoy our Easter extravaganza!

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E058 – Kids are Picky Eaters!

This week on Imperfect, the ladies vent a little, then offer suggestions for dealing with kids who are picky eaters. It’s a challenge to get kids to eat right and get the variety of nutrition they need. We’re tackling that and more on this week’s episode

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