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Our Story

PEN was born from the idea that podcast listeners are different. Just like other forms of media have fragmented, so too is radio. The way to best serve listeners today is through single-subject podcasts, allowing the listener to choose which subjects best match their interests. So, while “Big Media” is giving you 52 minutes each hour of talk you’re not interested in, PEN provides all of what you want and none of what you don’t.

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3 Networks, 1 Family, 50 Shows

Together our family of three networks – Entertainment, Sports, and Business – offer listeners over 50 shows, making the network family the widest breadth of tastes and interests on the web.

We Aim to Serve the Listeners

We aim to provide the most entertaining shows across the widest breadth of tastes and interests available for our listeners.

We also aim to be responsive to listeners in the shows we offer, the topics within each show, and the comments or suggestions listeners provide.

Thanks to enthusiastic listeners, this is a period of rapid growth for PEN. Please visit often to learn about the ongoing evolution of PEN!

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