The Imperfect Moms’ Club

Hosted ByLisa & Brittany

Two moms coming together to talk about the good, the bad, the ugly, and the really ugly. Join hosts Lisa and Brittany as they discuss both the joys and challenges of being a parent and raising young children. Presented in an entertaining, non-judgmental style, join us on life’s greatest adventure!

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E064 – Celebrating Mothers Everywhere

This week on Imperfect we’re celebrating mothers everywhere, with our Mother’s Day Special!

E063 – Everybody Can Use Some Help!

It’s ok to ask for help. Everybody could use some advice and reassurance from time to time. This week on Imperfect we want to let you know you’re not alone. After all, it’s the whole purpose of the show!

E062 – Stop and Smell the Roses

Life comes at you pretty fast. Once in a while, you have to stop and smell the roses. That’s what we’re doing this week on Imperfect. So join us as we enjoy the birthday parties of our kids this week.

E061 – Mom, What’s for Dinner?

This week on Imperfect, we’re talking food. And, why is it that mom is constantly asked “What’s for dinner”? or “I want a snack”. It can be annoying, but comes with the territory. We’ve got some tips for dealing with the frustration this week on Imperfect

E060 – Talking About Encanto

This week on Imperfect, Lisa is talking about everybody’s favorite movie, Encanto. She may even talk about Bruno!

E059 – Easter Fun & Spring Cleaning

On this week’s episode of Imperfect, we’re having some fun with Easter. Plus, spring is a time for rejuvenation, for fresh starts. So, the ladies are talking about spring cleaning. And we’ll have some laughs, so enjoy our Easter extravaganza!

E058 – Kids are Picky Eaters!

This week on Imperfect, the ladies vent a little, then offer suggestions for dealing with kids who are picky eaters. It’s a challenge to get kids to eat right and get the variety of nutrition they need. We’re tackling that and more on this week’s episode

E057 – How Does Social Media Influence Parenting Style

This week the ladies discuss how social media influences parenting styles. Is social media a net positive when it comes to parenting? Listen this week to find out! Be sure to share your thoughts at imperfect@podcastentertainment.com.

E056 – Setting – and Keeping – Effective Boundaries

Children will push boundaries at every opportunity. It’s part of the learning process. This week we discuss how to set – and to keep – effective boundaries with your children.