Let Me Put a List Together

Hosted ByBrian Mitchell & Mark Grote

Hosts Brian Mitchell and Mark Grote put a list together on a different topic each week on topics such as music, movies, television, and more. Often focusing on 90’s nostalgia, you’ll enjoy agreeing – and disagreeing – with how Mark and Brian rank topics of interest.

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ReRack – Top Elementary School Memories

Just in time for Back-to-School season, have a listen to this re-rack episode: Join hosts Brian Mitchell and Mark Grote as they reminisce through a list of top grade school memories, sure to get you thinking about your own misspent youth. The guys fondly

ReRack – Top Male Characters of Saturday Night Live

Hosts Brian Mitchell and Mark Grote rank the Top 11 male characters in the history of Saturday Night Live. Revisit the top SNL characters in the funny and engaging style brought to life by Mark and Brian. A ReRack episode for new listeners.

A List of Top Number Twos

The boys are back with a great new episode…a list of the Top Number Twos. It might not be what you think! It’s an interesting and insightful music collection of songs that peaked at #2 on the Billboard charts. It’s sure to get you thinking. Be sure to g

A List of Top TV Moms

The boys are back, putting a list together of the top television moms of all time. See where your favorites rank! These iconic characters are so legendary that you can probably match the last names of Marge, Edith, Peg, June, Marion, and more! Be sure to

A List of Top Male Lead Vocalists

The fellas put a great list together of the best male lead singers. See where all-time greats like Robert Plant, Bono, Freddie Mercury, Jim Morrison, and Roger Daltry rank. Be sure to share your list with the hosts through the PEN Listener Hotline at (833

A List of 11 Crappy Things About the Holidays

Hold on to your Santa hats, folks. Mark has some issues with the holidays, and he joins Brian to put a list together of 11 crappy things about the holidays.

Bonus – Ramblings About It’s a Wonderful Life

Following on their list of 11 crappy things about the holidays, the boys have some thoughts about the holiday classic It’s a Wonderful Life.

A List of Top Thanksgiving Dinner Dishes

Just in time for Thanksgiving, the guys put together a list of all the best food for your Thanksgiving meal. Desserts, sides, and, of course turkey…and don’t forget the cranberries! Share your T-Day favorites at Lists@podcastentertainment.com

A List of Things Barely Around Anymore

As Ferris would say, “Life comes at you pretty fast!” On this episode of LMPALT the fellas build a list of things barely around any more. Like newspapers. And manually operated car windows. And smoking sections in restaurants. And so much more that symbol