Let Me Put a List Together

Hosted ByBrian Mitchell & Mark Grote

Hosts Brian Mitchell and Mark Grote put a list together on a different topic each week on topics such as music, movies, television, and more. Often focusing on 90’s nostalgia, you’ll enjoy agreeing – and disagreeing – with how Mark and Brian rank topics of interest.

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A List of Hostess Treats

You’ve loved them since you were a kid! Now, the fellas put a list together ranking the best of Hostess treats. Where does your favorite rank?

Top Misheard Lyrics

The fellas put together a list of 11 commonly misheard song lyrics…betting there’s at least one song that gets you! Did you know there’s actually a name for when someone mishears lyrics? Tune in to find out!

A List of the Best Months of the Year

This week the fellas put a list together of the best months of the year, and it’s not what you might expect! Let us know your list of favorite months through the PEN Listener Hotline at (833) PODSNET or via email at Lists@podcastentertainment.com

Listing the Top 80’s TV Theme Songs

You remember them, the theme songs to all the big TV shows in the 80’s, back when we all used to watch the same shows on the same networks. You can still sing the songs in your head, over 30 years later. Let’s put a list together of these classic TV theme

Special Crossover – Introducing @MarkGroteSports

This week we introduce you to a new podcast from one of the Let Me Put a List Together Hosts. Mark Grote launches his super duper @MarkGroteSports podcast, where this week he does a preview of the upcoming Chicago Bears season, interviews Harry Caray (yes

The Best Cookie Brands

This week the fellas put a list together of the Top Cookie Brands, cuz, why not? Enjoy this mouth-watering episode of LMPALT!

Seven Sins of the Movie Se7en

Brian and Mark put a list together involving the seven sins from the classic movie Se7en

E004 – Special Episode – Behind the Scenes With the Cubs World Series Champs

As you know, Let Me Put a List Together host Mark Grote served as the Chicago Cubs’ pre/post-game host during the glory years including the 2016 World Series title. This special episode of LMPALT recounts Mark’s behind-the-scenes experiences with the Cubs

E003 – Listing Top Songs with Only Woman’s Name for Title

This week hosts Brian Mitchell & Mark Grote put a list together of the top songs, with a twist. Listing songs with only a woman’s name for the title. Think it’s easy? Think again! The boys skillfully do what nobody could possibly do!