Month: February 2022

E052 – Let’s Deconstruct Blippi!

This week on Imperfect, what starts out with some interesting facts about the popular children’s show, Blippi, leads the ladies down the rabbit hole, with interesting and entertaining outcomes

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E051 – Five Things Your Husband Wants You to Know!

This week on Imperfect, Brittany’s husband, Mike, makes his show debut! He learns what the show’s about, but Brittany learns 5 Things Your Husband Wants You to Know. You’ll want to hear the list, and the responses! All this and more on this week’s Imperfe

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A List of Top TV Moms

The boys are back, putting a list together of the top television moms of all time. See where your favorites rank! These iconic characters are so legendary that you can probably match the last names of Marge, Edith, Peg, June, Marion, and more! Be sure to

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E050 – See How Well Your Child Reacts When You Use a Calm Approach

For our 50th episode – this week the ladies interview Darlynn Childress, an expert helping moms calmly raise their children. She helps shape moms’ perspectives to parent from a position of serenity and calm…reducing the stress level while improving effe

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E049 – Well, it’s been a week…

It’s been a week to forget for the ladies of the Imperfect Moms’ Club. The week even included some “bull-honkey”, whatever that is! Commiserate with the ladies on this week’s episode of Imperfect.

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