Month: January 2022

E048 – Teaching Kids to Have a Lifelong Love of Reading

This week Brittany introduces listeners to a special sub-series focusing on instilling a lifelong love of reading in kids. She shares her experiences as both a kindergarten teacher and a parent to help jump-start your child’s reading development after two

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E047 – Interview with “Joyful Purpose Mentor” Heidi Esther

A compelling interview with Joyful Purpose Mentor Heidi Esther. Heidi shares her experiences, how she helps people, and previews her upcoming new book. It’s a fun-filled episode that will have you both laughing and thinking about life from a new perspecti

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A List of Top Male Lead Vocalists

The fellas put a great list together of the best male lead singers. See where all-time greats like Robert Plant, Bono, Freddie Mercury, Jim Morrison, and Roger Daltry rank. Be sure to share your list with the hosts through the PEN Listener Hotline at (833

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E046 – Understanding How Divorce Impacts Children

Life Coach Karen McMahon joins hosts Lisa and Brittany, discussing how divorce impacts not only the parents but the children as well. Karen has over 10 years experience helping people through this difficult journey. It’s important to know when and how to

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E045 – Parenting Styles in Germany

This week on Imperfect we continue our series learning parenting styles in different countries, this time Germany. After all, it’s where the word “kindergarten” was invented! Please be sure to also watch the YouTube version each week, dropping on Thursday

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