Month: November 2021

E039 – Hacks for When Mom is Sick

Yes, even the indestructible Mom can feel under the weather. This week we talk about how to get through it with the kids, even the kid you married. Hint: it’s ok to not be perfect for a day or two! Note: you can also see video versions of Imperfect on You

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A List of Top Thanksgiving Dinner Dishes

Just in time for Thanksgiving, the guys put together a list of all the best food for your Thanksgiving meal. Desserts, sides, and, of course turkey…and don’t forget the cranberries! Share your T-Day favorites at Lists@podcastentertainment.com

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E038 – Minimalist Miracles!

On today’s episode of Imperfect we’re helping you make life easier. Let’s de-clutter our homes and increase satisfaction by living a minimalist lifestyle. We’ve got a special guest, author and podcaster Stephanie Seferian, to tell you how to achieve su

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A List of Things Barely Around Anymore

As Ferris would say, “Life comes at you pretty fast!” On this episode of LMPALT the fellas build a list of things barely around any more. Like newspapers. And manually operated car windows. And smoking sections in restaurants. And so much more that symbol

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037 – Talkin’ Tech…Technology for kids that’s both fun and educational

Technology is part of everyone’s lives, including kids. Make the most of it with apps and games for children that are both fun and educational. Lisa and Brittany uncover fun games that educate kids and build skills, while also reminiscing about the games

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036 – Revisiting the Episode with Elena Lesser Bruun

This week we re-air the special episode of Imperfect, where we chat with licensed family therapist and author Elena Lesser Bruun. Elena shares her expertise in dealing with postpartum depression, detecting early warning signs in child behavior, and helpin

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