Month: June 2022

E070 – Is There Such a Thing as a “Bad Mom?”

Is it possible we’re putting too much pressure on ourselves? This week on Imperfect, we discuss an article about being a bad mom. Is there even such a thing as a bad mom? Let’s discuss, on this week’s episode of Imperfect.

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E069 – Father’s Day Special!

This week on a special Father’s Day edition of Imperfect, we meet the husbands! You’ve heard the hosts mention them but now we’ll get to know them. Happy Father’s Day, gents!

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E068 – Be the Positive Agent of Change

One person can make a difference in a kid’s life. One act of kindness changes the path for a kid. It’s the butterfly effect. Join us this week on Imperfect to discuss how to be the agent of positive change.

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E067 – We’re Off to a Trampoline Park, Where Chaos Ensues!

On this week’s episode of Imperfect, we’re on an adventure to a trampoline park. Chaos ensures, injuries happen, but all ends up well. So, join us on our adventure!

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E066 – Handling the Kids When Moving to a New City

You’ve already got your hands full being a mom. This week on Imperfect, we throw in the complication of moving to a new home, in a new city, while also taking care of the kids. It’s stressful, but we’ve got some tips on getting through it the best you can

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