This Or That

Clocks Changed – Debating Standard Time v Saving Time

With the clocks changing this week, the hosts Paul and Scott take sides debating whether Standard Time or Saving Time is the better option if the country decides to stop springing forward and falling back each year. The third option – the status quo – is

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MLB v NFL – The Gameday Experiences

This week’s debate is the MLB v NFL. Before drop-kicking the debate and choosing the NFL, hear Paul out. Using the criteria of the in-person gameday experience, watching on TV, and comparing the World Series to the Super Bowl, a compelling case can be mad

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E003 – Starbucks v Dunkin’ Donuts

This week the fellas debate your morning cup of Joe – Starbucks v Dunkin’ Donuts. Join hosts Paul Grote and Scott Sanders as each tries to persuade you to their side, analyzing the two chains’ beverages, menu, food quality, culture, and impact.

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E002 – Debating New Name-Image-Likeness Rules in College Sports

July 1 the landscape changed for college sports. Now college athletes can get paid, through endorsement deals, using their Name, Image, & Likeness (NIL). Hosts Paul Grote and Scott Sanders debate the issue in the show’s format, trying to win you over to t

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E001 – Goodfellas v The Godfather

Hosts Paul Grote & Scott Sanders debate Goodfellas v The Godfather, incl Best Cast, Best Scenes, Story, and Climactic Scenes. In the This or That format, Paul and Scott each take a side, make their arguments, but leave the decision to you – The Listener!

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