This Or That

MLB v NFL – The Gameday Experiences

This week’s debate is the MLB v NFL. Before drop-kicking the debate and choosing the NFL, hear Paul out. Using the criteria of the in-person gameday experience, watching on TV, and comparing the World Series to the Super Bowl, a compelling case can be mad

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E003 – Starbucks v Dunkin’ Donuts

This week the fellas debate your morning cup of Joe – Starbucks v Dunkin’ Donuts. Join hosts Paul Grote and Scott Sanders as each tries to persuade you to their side, analyzing the two chains’ beverages, menu, food quality, culture, and impact.

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E002 – Debating New Name-Image-Likeness Rules in College Sports

July 1 the landscape changed for college sports. Now college athletes can get paid, through endorsement deals, using their Name, Image, & Likeness (NIL). Hosts Paul Grote and Scott Sanders debate the issue in the show’s format, trying to win you over to t

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E001 – Goodfellas v The Godfather

Hosts Paul Grote & Scott Sanders debate Goodfellas v The Godfather, incl Best Cast, Best Scenes, Story, and Climactic Scenes. In the This or That format, Paul and Scott each take a side, make their arguments, but leave the decision to you – The Listener!

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