Month: August 2021

E003 – Let’s Talk About Childbirth

E003 – Let’s Talk About Childbirth – Sometimes, birth plans and labor expectations fly out the window and you’re suddenly faced with the unknown. There’s no time to check out a labor and delivery book at the library or Google our concerns.

The nurses s

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E002 – Marriage After Kids

E002 – Marriage After Kids – Diapers, sip cups, and pacifiers! Oh, my!

How can such a tiny human make such big waves in our relationships with our husbands!

Tune in to hear how Lisa, Brittany, and Tara’s lives changed after baby.

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E001 – Quarantine

E001 – Quarantine – “When it rains, look for rainbows; when it’s dark, look for stars”. – Oscar Wilde

Quarantine has taken a toll on everyone, everywhere. In our first episode, we share our struggles with quarantine and open up about life during 2020.

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Top Male Characters of Saturday Night Live

Hosts Brian Mitchell and Mark Grote rank the Top 11 male characters in the history of Saturday Night Live. Revisit the top SNL characters in the funny and engaging style brought to life by Mark and Brian. Top Female SNL characters coming soon!

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