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This Or That

The format for This or That is the two of us – Paul Grote and Scott Sanders – discussing topics in the business world, pop culture, movies, sports, and politics. We look at the topic from various angles, highlighting the merits and uncovering the flaws, all while having some fun along the way. It will…

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The Top 4 of everything. What belongs on the Mount Rushmore of the topic. We make the Mount Rushmore of topics across music, movies, sports, food, celebrities, business, and more. See if you agree with who we’ve named on Rushmore!

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Gotta Have It

Reviewing new products hitting the market, including household goods, fashion, technology, and more. We use the products and offer our advice on what you gotta get – and what you should pass on – to be an informed consumer.

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College Life

It’s the best years of your life, so make the most of it with PEN’s College Life. Discussing the issues and opportunities exclusive to college students.

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Bargain Hunters

How and where to find great deals on what you want most, both online and off, maybe even including exclusive deals for our listeners!  

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