The Imperfect Moms’ Club

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Two moms coming together to talk about the good, the bad, the ugly, and the really ugly. Join hosts Lisa and Brittany as they discuss both the joys and challenges of being a parent and raising young children. Presented in an entertaining, non-judgmental style, join us on life’s greatest adventure!

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E007 – Lilly’s Open-Heart Surgery

E007 – Lilly’s Open-Heart Surgery – “Nothing prepares you for seeing your baby in the ICU”

At just 3 months old, Lisa’s daughter, Lillian, underwent open-heart surgery to fix a Ventricular Septal Defect and an Aorta Coarctation.

Be sure to tune in t

E006 – Talking to Loved Ones about Our Mental Health

E006 – Talking to Loved Ones about Our Mental Health – Coming to terms with our own mental health is a struggle but, what about our significant others? How can we explain what’s going on in our heads when we sometimes don’t understand it ourselves?

E005 – Mom Guilt vs. Childcare

E005 – Mom Guilt vs. Childcare – Raise your hand if you’ve dealt with mom guilt when asking for help with childcare!

Check out this week’s episode to hear from three different moms (one a former childcare worker) as they navigate the sea of nannies, d

E004 – Miscarriage and Life After Loss

E004 – Miscarriage and Life After Loss – On this week’s episode, we will hear from Brittany as she talks about loss and life after loss.

Trigger warning for anyone out there who has experienced miscarriage; this episode may be hard to listen to.


E003 – Let’s Talk About Childbirth

E003 – Let’s Talk About Childbirth – Sometimes, birth plans and labor expectations fly out the window and you’re suddenly faced with the unknown. There’s no time to check out a labor and delivery book at the library or Google our concerns.

The nurses s

E002 – Marriage After Kids

E002 – Marriage After Kids – Diapers, sip cups, and pacifiers! Oh, my!

How can such a tiny human make such big waves in our relationships with our husbands!

Tune in to hear how Lisa, Brittany, and Tara’s lives changed after baby.

E001 – Quarantine

E001 – Quarantine – “When it rains, look for rainbows; when it’s dark, look for stars”. – Oscar Wilde

Quarantine has taken a toll on everyone, everywhere. In our first episode, we share our struggles with quarantine and open up about life during 2020.