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E012 – St. Patrick’s Day vs Cinco de Mayo

Just in time, this week’s episode of This or That debates St. Patrick’s Day vs Cinco de Mayo. Which holiday do you prefer? Join hosts Paul Grote and Scott...

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E011 – NFL Draft vs NBA Draft

A timely episode of This or That with show hosts Paul Grote and Scott Sanders debating the NFL Draft vs NBA Draft. Maybe it isn’t the rout you believe!...

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E10 – Spring or Fall

This week on This or That hosts Paul Grote and Scott Sanders debate whether Spring or Fall is the best season of the year. They’re also playing Spring or...

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E009 – Oscars Season: Debating Movie Length

Wrapping up the show’s Oscars Season arc, Paul and Scot debate long movies vs standard-length movies. Why does it seem there are more Babylon-length movies when attention spans keep...

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E080 – Helping Kids Manage Grief

This week on Imperfect, we’re talking about helping children deal with grief. Join us as Lisa does a special interview with Michelle from Good Grief Parenting.

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E008 – Oscars Season: Arthouse Movies vs Blockbusters

We kick off Oscars Season by debating the merits of the arthouse/boutique movies the Academy seems to love versus the blockbusters everyone actually sees. Join hosts Paul Grote and...

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E079 – Different Parenting Styles re Attachment, and Which Type Might Be Best

On this week's episode of Imperfect, Lisa discusses different parenting styles. Follow along to see which type might be best for you and your children.

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E078 – Dealing with Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD)

On this week's episode of Imperfect, Lisa shares her experiences and knowledge of Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. It's an important issue facing many moms, so please join us for...

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