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Leaning Left
We're talking politics, from the left. It's as muchan exploration of politics as anything, for
someone who's newer to following the issues. Maybe you just started paying more
attention through the social justice protests of 2020 or the J6 Committee in 2022.
If you're asking questions and figuring out your position,we're here to grow with you!
It's never been more important to be engaged with the politics affecting us all!
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The Imperfect Moms' Club
Moms coming together to talk about the good, the bad, the ugly,
and the really ugly.Join host Lisa - aka MessyStressyMama - as she discusses
both the joys and challenges of being a parent and raising young children.
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This Or That
The format for This or That is the two of us – Paul Grote and Scott Sanders – discussing topics
in the business world, pop culture, movies, sports, and politics. We look at the topic
from various angles, highlighting the merits and uncovering the flaws, all while having
some fun along the way. It will be up to you, the PEN Listener, to choose, either This or That.
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Let Me Put a List Together
Hosts Brian Mitchell and Mark Grote put a list together on a different topic each week
on topics such as music, movies, television, and more. Often focusing on 90's nostalgia,
you'll enjoy agreeing - and disagreeing - with how Mark and Brian rank topics of interest.
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The Top 4 of everything. What belongs on the Mount Rushmore of the topic.
We make the Mount Rushmore of topics across music, movies, sports, food,
celebrities, business, and more. See if you agree with who we've named on Rushmore!
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